Blog Post on How to Maintain Your Pool Year Round


How to Maintain Your Pool Year Round

The skies look overcast and you haven't used your pool for weeks. But you notice as you care for your landscaping that the pool's water looks dirty and stagnant. Maybe you can't even remember the last time you serviced your pool or hired a contractor to inspect it.

Your backyard pool is a place of exercise, socialising and beauty throughout the year. But to keep your pool looking attractive and functioning properly, you have to invest time in thorough pool maintenance. While you don't use your pool every day of the year, you must ensure that the structure stays intact and any water present stays clean.

While the maintenance specifics differ from pool to pool, most pools require the following maintenance at specific times of year.

In Season

During the warm months when it seems like you get in and out of your pool almost constantly, your pool needs frequent maintenance. Perform these tasks to keep your pool safe and comfortable for use.

Filter as Often as Possible

Your pool's filtration system moves the water and eliminates small debris particles from it. Run your pump as often as you can afford to do so. Many pool owners choose to let the filtration system run during the entire on season.

Movement and regular filtration ensure that your pool does not suffer from buildup or contamination.

Balance Twice a Week

The proper chemical environment also helps reduce organic growth, keep the water clean and improve pump performance. You should plan to test your pool and balance the chemicals twice each week.

Schedule an extra balancing after a pool party or seasonal storm. You may also decide to perform a chemical shock treatment once a week, which consists of adding chlorine to the water.

Clean at Least Once a Week

Perform a thorough cleaning once a week while in pool season. This cleaning should include all of the following:

  • Remove any debris from the skimmer baskets
  • Vacuum away dirt on the pool floor
  • Use a net to remove any floating detritus

If you have an in-ground pool, you may also want to clean the pool walls with a specialised cleaner weekly to prevent waterline staining.  

Off Season and Annual Maintenance

When the weather cools and you don't use your pool for long stretches of time, remember to do preventative and routine maintenance. These requirements include the following.

Check Your Cover

When you prepare your pool for the off season, place a safety cover over the opening, even if you have drained the structure of all water. The cover prevents large debris from damaging the pool, animals or children from falling in and harsh seasonal weather from coming into direct contact with the pool.

Check that the cover is intact once a week during the off season. Also check the cover following any major storms.

Annual Inspection

While you should have a contractor service your pool as often as needed, experts recommend scheduling at least one inspection each year. Have a pool contractor inspect the pump, filter and structure for any damage. Without an inspection, small problems, left undiscovered, become large ones.

Call an Expert as Needed

If you notice a problem you cannot address through routine maintenance, call your pool contractor. A pool expert can inspect your pool and identify the issue easily. Additionally, a professional has experience with the complex plumbing and electrical systems found in many pools, reducing the risk of injury to you and damage to your pool.

Perform these maintenance tasks, along with any measures recommended by your pool's manufacturer or installer, to ensure that your backyard safe haven stays clean, clear and useable.

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