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Should You Invest in a Swimming Pool Heater? 5 Factors to Consider

Having your own swimming pool can increase your property value, beautify your yard and provide hours of enjoyment, exercise and family bonding. But as a pool owner, you may be constantly looking for ways to get the most out of your pool.

Investing in a pool heater can make your pool more accessible for more months out of the year and more hours of the day. In this blog, we list five factors that you should consider when making this important decision about your pool.

1. Budget for Pool Care

Caring for a pool is a long-term investment that never truly goes away. Your pool will always need appropriate chemicals, filtration and so on. Adding a heating system will increase the cost of your overall pool care.

If installing a heater results in you getting more use of your pool, the system may be a smart investment for you. However, if you do not currently have the budget to put in and run a heater, you'll be better off investing your time and money into the pool system you currently have.

If you have a limited budget, you may want to compare heating types to each other with the help of a pool care professional. Some heaters cost more to purchase, install and run than others.

2. Desired Health Impact

Swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise you can participate in due to its low impact. Many pool owners who contemplate adding a heater do so in the hopes of maximising their pools' health benefits.

Not only can heating your pool encourage you to swim more often, but heated water can aid in physical therapy. If you plan to use swimming to manage chronic pain, recover from an injury or alleviate the effects of ageing, adding a heater can be a vital step toward your health goals.

3. Pool Area Sunlight Exposure

For some pools, a heater is not necessary to maintain a decent water temperature. Your pool's temperature may stay higher if the water has more hours of sunlight exposure during the day.

As you consider purchasing a pool heater, pay attention to the environment around your pool throughout the day. Go swimming at new times to test the temperature of the water.

If your pool mostly stays at a desirable temperature, a high-quality cover may regulate the temperature effectively enough. If your pool gets too cold for swimming easily, a heater can be a smart investment.

4. Power Capacity

Pool systems draw power from your home the way any appliance you plug in. Presumably, your electrical system can handle your current pool pump and filtration, but what about a heater?

If you choose a heat pump or electrical heater, you may need to expand your electrical system to handle the load. Consult with an electrician and a pool heating system supplier to determine if you need to take extra steps before installing a heater.

5. Swimming Habits

Perhaps the most significant factor to consider when deciding how best to improve your pool is your swimming habits. Do you often swim once the sun sets? Do you wish to use your pool year round? Do individuals who are sensitive to cold temperatures frequently use your pool?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a pool heater may be the equipment you need to ensure that your pool truly meets your needs.

If you think that a pool heater could be just what your pool needs, discuss your options with the team at Shenton Pumps. We provide all of the most common varieties of pool heaters so we can help you compare the benefits of solar, heat pump or gas heating and choose the right unit.