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Domestic Swimming Pool Cleaners
- Pool Rover "ST" - Dolphin - Kreepy Krauly - Pool Shark - Zodiac – Pandora

The Ultimate in Simplicity and Economy in automatic Vacuum Pool Cleaning. The Pool Rover ST offers: 
Rugged Construction with solid body and one moving part. Cleans all pool surfaces (tile, pebblecrete, vinyl and fibreglass)
• Supplied with 10 metres of UV stabilised sectioned hose and inline valve
• Easy to install
• Competitively priced compared to other brands
• Two year warranty

Pool Shark Inground Pool Cleaners
Now there's an easier more thorough way to clean your inground pool. remove the Poolshark pool cleaner from the box, attach the hose, place it in the water and watch it attack dirt as it prowls around the bottom and to the waterline of your pool. this is the "Plug and Play cleaner" you've been waiting for.
• Two-way cleaning action - vacuum pad contains multiple rows of squeegee- like fins that scrub and dislodge stubborn dirt, while the flapper assembly and vortex chamber create a powerful suction effort to easliy vaccum away small and large debris.
• No need to buy, install oroperate an expensive booster pump - works with your exisitng filtration system.
• Cuts a 30.5cm path for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Kreepy Krauly Marathon
No matter what type of pool you have - concrete, vinyl or fibreglass - the latest model Kreep Krawly Marathon pool cleaning system will keep it sparkling clean and ready to use automatically. The marathon works with your existing filter, gently gliding across your pools floor and walls. As it vacuums, sweepsand scrubs away dirt, algae and loose scale. The four way action forms the Marathon's unique cleaning action. The high effiency scoop concentrates the water flow in a single stream to ensure maximum vacuuming power.

Zodiac G4
Zodiac, a world leader in aquatic and pool care products and inventor of the world-famous Zodiac boats has combined their knowledge of advanced hydrodynamics with Baracuda’s tried and tested pool automation technology to bring you the ultimate pool cleaner—the ZODIAC G4.
The Zodiac G4 offers the latest in automatic pool cleaning technology. What’s the secret to the ZODIAC G4’s superior pool cleaning performance? The answer lies in its advanced technological features and underwater steering capabilities. The ZODIAC G4 uses similar principles of buoyancy, propulsion, and water flow as other aquatic vessels.
The Zodiac G4 makes the choice simple.
The Zodiac G4 will automatically remove dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves, sand, and even pebbles. It installs in minutes, and comes pre-assembled in the box, just attach the Disc and Long-Life Hoses. No tools are required. We even include an easy-to-follow installation DVD. The Zodiac G4 is built to work quickly, effectively and quietly. What could be simpler than that?

Dolphin Swash
The Pool Cleaner of your dreams.
Recommended for pools up to 10m. (36ft.) in length.
• Cleans pool floor and pool corners.
• Brushes, Scrubs, Filters and collects dirt and debris.
• Efficient scanning and cleaning performance.
• Self contained filter bag collects dirt and debris.
• Autonomous unit – no pre-installation needed, no connections to pool systems.
• Small, light weight and easy to handle.
• DIY - easy maintenance.
• 24 Months Warranty.

Dolphin Supreme M5
The new generation in robotic pool cleaners
Recommended for pools up to 12m. (40ft.) in length 
Dolphin Supreme’s unique innovative features take all the hard work out of pool cleaning, while providing reliable cleaning results every time. 
Dolphin Supreme offers maximum performance with minimum intervention:
Wireless remote control enables automatic and manual operation—easily set parameters including cycle time, regular and ultraclean, climbing and non-climbing
Delay mechanism enables the cleaning cycle to be scheduled for any hour of the day or night
Brushes, scrubs, vacuums, and filters the entire pool including the floor, walls, and waterline . Advanced technology enables optimal and pool coverage in a shorter cycle time.
Add-on extra brushing system is twice as efficient. The rigorous brushing and scrubbing action reinforces the elimination of algae and bacteria.

Pandora Robotic Pool Cleaners - Pilot - Smart
Environmentally friendly, the Aquatron Pandora Smart cleans almost any size and shape residential swimming pool. The ultra modern high speed motor and ultra fine inbuilt filtration bag combine to make a highly effective pool cleaner and vacuum appliance. This fully independent cleaners works without any suction hoses or hook up booster pumps. With no installation, no supervision and with minimal maintenance the Pandora Smart cleaner is your perfect choice. Plug the unit in, drop it in to the pool and turn it on. When the cleaning cycle is over, the Pandora smart will turn itself off automatically.

Pool Filters - Emaux Filters - Davey Pool Filters - Shenton Sand Filters -

Emaux Filter V Series
EMAUX V-seriesis available for domestic application with heavy duty fiberglass tank and clamp lock multi-port valves that is designed to allow 360 degree rotation to simplify installation. The anti-corrosive materials used are dependable and are suitable for all-weather performance.
• Spun woven fiberglass construction
• Easy to use multi port valve
• UV resistant tank allows the filter to work under direct sunlight

Shenton STF Fibreglass Filters
Crystalclear fibreglass sand filters
• 10 year conditional tank warranty
• Seal Tech integral 316 stainless steel strengthening neck ring system
• Total quality hand layered fibreglass (this means if accidental damage occurs, the filter can be repaired)
• Automatic air bleed
• Water saving, large easy to view back wash sight glass
• Suitable for salt pools

Davey Crystal Clear Filters
The Crystal Clear range has been specifically designed for the efficient and hassle free filtration of water in swimming pools and spa pools.
The filter icludes a premium quality 6-way top mount multiport valve, oil filled pressure guage, sight glass, unions and Davey T-Lateral System.
• Computer designed providing optimal tank strength and filtration performance.
• One-piece UV stabilised and filament wound fibreglass & polyethylene inner tank
(PE 18”-25” models only) for superior strength and long service life
• Large diameter tank for maximum filtration area.
• Davey’s T-lateral design provides effective media utilisation leading to efficient
filtration and longer durations between backwashing
• In backwash mode, the T-lateral design provides superior fluidising of the media
bed, giving fast, efficient backwashing and water savings

Shenton Commercial Sand Filters
• High Tensile heavy duty fibreglass non corrosive commercial sand filters
• Largest range gives flexibility in design and costing
• Absolute quality control - through in house production capabilities
• Manufactured to any size, pressure, chemical resistance or standard for any application, swimming pools, aqua culture and industry.

Consummate Commercial Filters
The Consummate Filter is an environmentally friendly filter designed for air-powered backwash. It is a fibreglass commercial medium-rate pressure pool filter that features the unique Consummate air cushion floor system. The Consummate filter has the lowest water consumption of any sand filters currently on the market. This results in savings from:
• Significantly reduced chemical usage 
• Reduced heating costs
• Reduced water costs
The Consummate pressure filter system is totally balanced. Once air or water enters the filter, it simply spreads out under the Consummate floor system. The air rises to the top of the water under the Consummate floor, and the water stays on the bottom. Each nozzle draws absolutely and equally from these two-layered resevoirs. 
Unlike the standard filter design currently in use, there are no lateral delivery pipes in the Consummate Filter to disturb this water harmony and balance. This results in a precisely controlled water distribution throughout the filter for both backwash and filter cycles.

Chlorinators - Davey Chloromatic - Ecosalt - Monarch - Chemigen -Aquachlor - Emaux SSC Chlorinator

Salt Water Chlorinators - keep your pool clean and clear with the simple and reliable Davey Chloromatic
Australias favourite chlorinator now features the new Davey Eziset Digital Timer. 
• Large easy to read digital display
• Models available with reverse polarity electrolytic cells for low maintenance
• Large surface area of cell plates for high rate chlorine production
• High flow rate cell design for rapid pool turnover
• Made with corrosion resistant, UV stabilised materials for long service life

Davey EcoSalt Salt Water Chlorinators
• Eziset Digital tuner for quick and simple set up
• User friendly sttings and controls
• Safe automatic pool sanitising using natural salt
• Reverse polarity electrolytic cells for low maintenance
• Easy automation of your pool's filtration system
• Compact enclosure and cell housing made with corrosion resistant, UV materials for long service life
• Opearating salt level 4500-6000ppm

Chloromatic ESR Salt Water Pool Sanitiser
The most advanced salt water pool sanitiser in the world.
The chloromatic uses low levels of common salt at a minimum 0.4% or 4,000ppm (half as salty as your own tear drop). This is electrolysed using an advanced electronic process to sanitise the pool water. The pool is sanitised automatically even when you are away for extended periods.
models are available to siuit most pool applications from small patio pools to large commercial installations. 
Simple to install on any existing or new pool. suitable for all pool surfaces, including concrete, tile, fibreglass and vinyl.

Chloromatic Commercial Salt Water Pool Systems
The Natural solution for public, resort and school pools.
Chloromatic commercial salt water pool systems use low levels of common salt at a minimum of 0.3% or 3,000ppm. This is electolysed using an advanced electronic process to sanitise the pool water. The system delivers outstanding savings when compared with liquid or granular chlorine closing. 
• Electronic system protection
• Digital display and LED indicators
• Low salinity operation
• Self cleaning cell

Emaux SSC Chlorinator
Salt chlorinators, are an alternative means of sanitising ypur pool with chlorine using the process of electrolysis. The electrolysis process is achieved by passing the salt water solution through an electrolytic cell which converts salt in the water into chlorine gas which when dissolved in water becomes sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine)

Chemigen Automatic ph and Salt Chlorinator
Chemigen can now control your salt chlorinator easily, ensuring optimal levels of chlorine and ph.
Simple to use, just plug your salt chlorinator into the chemigen, and the chemigen will control your chlorinator to ensure chlorine levels are maintained at your preset levels. This system uses the latest technology to improve the efficiency of your chlorinator and also measures and controls ph levels at the same time.

Pool Chemicals - Pool Ranger - Pool Health - Spa Chemicals - Spa Accessories

Poolranger Pool Protector - Liquid Chemicals
Liquid chemicals sold under the POOL PROTECTOR brand include:
• Algecides • Phosphate Remover • Black Spot Remover • Salt Cell Cleaner
• Cartridge Filter Cleaner • Sand Filter Cleaner • Pool Floc • Metal Rid
• Winteriser • Surface Cleaners • Clarifiers • Crystalite

Poolranger Pool Protector - Granular Chemicals
Granular chemicals sold under the POOL PROTECTOR brand include:
• Pool Chlorine 700 • Stain Remover • Stabilised Pool Chlorine • Calcium Stopper
• Shock Treatments • Granular Floc • pH Buffer • Salt Cell Protector
• pH Increaser • pH Decreaser • Water Balances • Flyaway Ducks

Poolranger Specialised Spa Chemicals
The complete SPA CARE SYSTEM which uses Hydrogen Peroxide as a bactericide and clarifier. The active ingredient has a 19% strength, which oxidises bacteria and organic materials in the spa, leaving the water clear and odour free.
• Allergy free & non-irritant. 
• Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips.
• Spa Pool Conditioner & Spa Bath Cleaner - used to    remove the build up of contaminants in the Spa's pipework.
• Environmentally friendly & biodegradable.
• Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner - supplied with a trigger  spray.

Pool Ranger - General Spa Chemicals
• Spa Lithium Hypochlorite Sanitiser • Alkalinity Increaser • Anti Foam • Water Clarifier
• Spa Shock • Bromine Tablet Sanitiser • Cartridge Filter Cleaner • pH Increaser • pH Reducer

Spa Accessories - Pool Ranger
• High Pressure Nozzle for Cleaning Cartridge Filters
• Bromine Floating Dispenser
• Cap n Tap - For use on 20 & 25 Litre Containers

Pool Ranger - Spa Fragrances
• Spa Crystals
• Spa Elixir
• Spa Elixir Pillow Packs
• Spa Tropical Beads
• Spa Candles

General Information - PH - Calcium - Total Alkalinity - Stabiliser - Sanitising
PH - The pH level is a measure of the acid and alkalinity levels in the pool water. A pH level which is too low, or acidic, can irritate
swimmers and corrode the pool’s surface and equipment. A level that’s too high can cause scale damage to pool equipment and surfaces. Too much acid causes a number of problems. First, and nothing to do with chlorine levels, extra acidity causes stinging eyes and skin irritation. It also attacks metal fixtures, leading to unsightly, and eventually expensive, rust. The pH level can be measured with a simple test kit available from pool shops. The ideal level is between 7.0 and 7.2 for fibreglass pools and 7.4 and 7.6 for concrete pools. This ensures comfortable water to swim in, maximum chlorine efficiency and a protected pool surface. Calcium hardness Calcium hardness is a measure of the dissolved calcium in water.

Calcium - Calcium hardness is a measure of the dissolved calcium in water. Pool water low in calcium will take it from the pool surface or
equipment, causing corrosion. Water high in calcium may deposit it on the pool surface or in the equipment in the form of scale. As with pH and total alkalinity, calcium hardness levels vary from pool to pool, depending on the source of the water and the chemicals being used. The recommended level of calcium hardness also depends on the type of pool. The ideal level is between 175 and 225 ppm for fibreglass, vinyl and painted pools, and 200 and 250 ppm for concrete pools. The simplest way to measure calcium hardness is to take a sample of your pool water to a SPASA -accredited pool shop and they’ll provide you with advice regarding the chemical balance of the water, including calcium hardness. This is usually a free service and they’ll also advise you of what action you should take to correct any imbalance. 

Total Alkalinity - Total alkalinity measures the amount of alkaline minerals in the water. These minerals act as a buffer for pH and are responsible for reducing the impact of acidic water on the pH. The ideal level is between 80 and 120 ppm for concrete pools, 120 and 140 ppm for fibreglass pools, and 140 and 160 ppm for vinyl or painted pools. Correct total alkalinity helps keep pH levels within the proper range. If the level is too high, there’s risk of scale forming on pool surfaces or on the equipment. If there’s too little alkalinity, the water tends to corrode pool surfaces. If the level is not in the proper range, your sanitiser will not operate with maximum efficiency. 

Stabiliser - Unless you have an indoor pool, your pool also needs to be stabilised to counter loss of chlorine due to the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Some types of chlorine, such as granular calcium-based chlorine and liquid chlorine, as well as saltwater chlorination, produce
unstabilised chlorine. They therefore need a regular addition of stabiliser to prevent unnecessary chlorine loss. The other types of granular, tablet or stick chlorine have inbuilt stabiliser to prevent them from dissipating. Regardless of the type of chlorine, an initial charge of stabiliser, up to 50 ppm, will be necessary. Stabilising the water saves you money through the saving in chlorine usage. As you use the pool, splash-out and backwash, the filter will reduce the amount of stabiliser and it will need to be replaced. The recommended level is between 25 and 50 ppm. As with water balance, the water can be tested by someone from your SPASA pool shop who will recommend how much stabiliser to add.

Sanitising - Chlorine is one of the most effective known chemical treatments for the sanitisation of large volumes of water. Even “saltwater” pools make use of chlorine produced in a different way. Chlorine, when dissolved in water and maintained to the appropriate level, kills and controls bacteria and other microorganisms. There are many forms of chlorine available. The traditional consists of liquid and the calcium-based granular chlorine. These forms have various concentrations of chlorine content, from 12 per cent to 62 per cent. They are also unstabilised so the sun’s rays can remove them from the water very quickly. Unless protected with a stabiliser, this leads to the need to add large amounts to maintain the appropriate chlorine residuals. The other types of chlorine products, usually in tablet or stick form, are highly concentrated in chlorine content, around 90 per cent, and have a stabiliser inbuilt. This means you have to add only small amounts to your pool to achieve the desired protection level. It’s recommended that between 1.0 and 1.5 ppm of free available chlorine for unstabilised pools and 2.0 and 3.0 ppm when stabiliser is used, be maintained in your pool to control bacteria. Care must be taken as continual use can lead to stabiliser levels getting too high. Free chlorine is the amount of chlorine that’s freely available in the water, ready to kill bacteria. The amount of chlorine required depends on pool size, filter cycle times, water temperature and the amount and frequency of swimmers.

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