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Davey Steriflo
UV is commonly used for water disinfection on a wide range of water sources by many local councils, the food, dairy and brewing industries and by thousands of private consumers to ensure their water is safe to drink.
The Davey Steriflo domestic UV sterilisation systems are an effective and economical means of controlling harmful bacteria and virus for whole of house applications with larger sized commercial UV systems also available on request.  
Sterilisation occurs:
• Without the use of chemicals
• Taste is unaffected 
• It is impossible to overdose

Davey Filterpure activated carbon filtration elements
• Chlorine
• Taste
• Odour
• Metals such as lead 
• Pesticides and agricultural sprays
• Will also remove some colours from rainwater

Davey Filterpure Housings
FilterPure cartridge filter housings provide safe and durable containers for your choice of cartridge filter element. Select from three sizes of housing to suit your flow requirements. A wise choice is usually two housings of the same size in series so that the firts stage can remove large particles and sediment and the second stage can remove or reduce small particles, asbestos, taste and odour, and parasitc cysts.
FilterPure housings are ideal for treating:
• Mains water 
• Rain water
• Dam Water 
• Ground water

Aquashield MAX UV Systems
Factory matched rainwater management and treatment packages for both tank only and mains water back-up installations. 
Aquashield MAX is ideal for:
• Pressure boosting & disinfection of rainwater
• School shower & toilet blocks
• Commercial toilet flushing
• Large home potable water supply
• Industry process water treatment 
• Guest house potable water supply
• Bacteria and algae for aquaculture and water features 
• Also suitable for bore and surface water treatment subject to water quality

Davey Acquasafe
Ensuring your stored water supply is safe for consumption, can be a tricky task.  Water captured on rooftops can easily be contaminated as debrit easily washes into the tank during a down pour.  Drinking this untreated water can be unsafe and lead to illness.  Treating water is essential to ensure good health for you and your family.
Davey offer a product called Acquasafe as an alternative to dosing with chlorine. Acquasafe is tasteless, odourless and chlorine free, designed specifically for tank water disinfection. With a residual life of up to 2 months, Acquasafe is low cost and non toxic and is approved by the National Health & Medical Research Council for use in drinking water. 
Aquasafe contains a stabilised form of H2O2 which oxidises bacteria and pathogens more effectively than most chlorine-based sanitisers without leaving any toxic residue or taste in the water. Acquasafe destroys virtually all bacteria and virus, making tank water much safer for consumption.

Rain Water Harvesting - Davey Rainbank - Bianco Rain Saver - Onga Water Switch

The Davey Rainbank - Rainwater Harvester
RainBank can allow you to replace up to 40% of your household potable or drinking water usage with rainwater.  RainBank is harvesting rainwater working all year round you can save water even during winter. With RainBank you don't have to worry about where your water is coming from, RainBank does the thinking for you - automatically.  RainBank automatically decides to source rainwater first and only uses mains water as a back up, ensuring your essential services in side the home always have water.
Using a RainBank System has the following benefits: 
In the event of a power failure, RainBank® can still provide water for your toilet. Environmentally Friendly - RainBank® only operates the pump to pressurise the rainwater when required.  Theres no double handling or re-pressurising of the mains water saving you energy costs. Easy to Install - RainBank® can be part of a new installation or an upgrade, mounted on a wall or connected directly to the pump. Safe - RainBank® is safe to use.  When properly installed it complies with the requirements of AS/NZS3500 Plumbing Code. By connecting the unit in compliance with the instructions and the Australian / New Zealand Plumbing Code you are ensuring the integrity of your potable supply. Even the electrical items in the RainBank® are approved and manufactured to ensure your safety. RainBank is WaterMark approved under license WMKA 22042 Designed to allow continued water supply even in the event of a electrical power failure

Bianco Rain Saver - Rainwater Harvesting Controllers and Systems
Alternate Water Supply System incorporating automatic mains backup for the control of surface mounted Automatic Pressure system pumps. 
With the massive shift to rainwater tanks ensuring a constant supply of free rain water backed up by mains water, Bianco Rainsaver now offers significant advantages over previous ‘Change Over Devices’ – not only will people save water and money long term, but save on installation, power, servicing and part replacement. “Water harvesting technology has taken a giant leap forward with the launch of this new product.”

Onga Water Switch - Automatic Rainwater Controller
The new Onga WaterSwitch takes water saving solutions to a new age in innovation. Revolutionary technology merges with contemporary design to create a precision engineered, dependable product that recreates the industry benchmark for rainwater harvesting. The new state of the art Onga WaterSwitch commands the respect of every water conserving household. Rainwater supplies are perfect for use in toilets, garden sprinklers, washing the car and washing machines.

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